Personal Disinfection Sanitization Gate

Personal Disinfection Sanitization Gate



  • Extremely portable
  • Five Nozzles 
  • Cost of disinfection is 20 Paise per person. 
  • Shoe bottom disinfection by cushion mat. 
  • Lockable wheels & Handrail for easy shifting. 
  • Environmentally friendly & Safe for human disinfectant chemicals. 
  • Battery backup with charging & overcharging protection. 
  • Exceptionally low power consumption. 
  • Automatic & manual operation. 
  • Metallic Fog handgun.




Walk-through Gate

Body Type

MS Powder coated

Sanitization Time

 3-4 sec per person

Tank Capacity

20 L (200 mm GVGC Chemical & 19.8 L water), You can use your own chemical

Power Consumption

50 W, Battery backup


40 kg

Special Feature

Suitable for indoor/outdoor Application, Auto Manual both operations, Special floor mat for shoe disinfection, Exide battery, charger, overcharging protection, fuse protection, Wheel mounted main machine for easy shifting & carrying.


2140 00 (H), 1050 mm (W), 930 mm