Personal Disinfection Chamber

Personal Disinfection Chamber


  • Seven Nozzles to cover full body
  • Ultraviolet light for additional disinfection.
  • Cost of disinfection is 25 Paise per person.
  • Shoe bottom disinfection by cushion mat.
  • Lockable wheels & Handrail for easy shifting.
  • Environmentally friendly & Safe for human disinfectant chemicals.
  • Continuous circulation to avoid sedimentation of disinfectant.
  • Audio visual alarm for user friendly operation.



 Walk-through Chamber

Body Type

 MS Powder coated Frame, ACP Walls & Roof

Sanitization Time

 8-10 sec per person

Tank Capacity

100 L (1 L GVGC Chemical & 99 L water), You can use your own chemical

Power Consumption

 80 W, Battery backup for 2000 person.

Ultraviolet Light

 Provision of Ultraviolet light is also there to increase the efficacy

Special Feature

 Suitable for outdoor (Rain Protection) & indoor Application, 20 mm Drain, Auto Manual both operations, Audio Visual Alarm for misting indication



1200 mm x 1800 mm, chamber: 1200 (W) x 1200 (D) x 2250 (H)

Total Machine

1200 (W) x 1200 (D) x 2520 (H)