Medium Velocity Water Spray Equipment

Medium Velocity Water Spray Equipment

With the support of our highly experienced and skilled workforce, we are renowned as one of the well equipped manufacturers and service providers of Medium Velocity Water Spray Equipment. Owing to our unmatched performance fire extinguishing device, we have carved remarkable position in this domain. Our manufactured range of Medium Velocity Water Spray Equipment is highly used during fire prevention and widely demanded among our valuable clients due to easy usage and less maintenance.

Further details:

Being renowned manufacturers, suppliers and service providers of medium velocity water spray system which are fire extinguishing device, we offer best quality systems at most market competitive prices. They comply to all quality and safety standards set by the industry. Our range of Water Spray System is one of main water based fire protection system which is installed to extinguish fires involving liquids with flash point 65 Degree C (150 F) or higher.

The three principles of extinguishing are employed in the system-emulsification, cooling and smothering. The outcome of applying these techniques is to extinguish the fire within a few seconds. Due to these properties they are used in most industries which are vulnerable to fire. Here in this water spray system, used Medium Velocity Nozzles to control flow of water, called Sprayers. Their more applications and features of medium velocity water spray system are listed below, that are the best reason for you, that's why like our products or looking for that, These water spray system are most demand to all of the domestics markets in India: 

Applications and Features in:

  • A full control of flammable liquid fires like: Propane, Toluene, Acetone, Benzene, Butane, Cyclohexane, Butadiene, Xylene, Ethyl alcohol, Methyl acetate, Petroleum spirits, Carbon Disulphide, Ethylene oxide, Light naphtha and more and more.a
  • Distribution & Electricity Generating Stations for the safety of transformers, oil filled switch-gear and the lubricating system of turbo alternators.
  • Fires associated oils with flash points above 65 0C Medium Velocity Water Spray System is suggested.
  • It is safe, and immediately convertible into a solvent, to protect from fire, which cannot catch fire.
  • All oils are water repellent and they cannot be humidify. Accordingly, the cooling action of water adapted in form of jel is insignificant.